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About the Site
Thoughtful Social Media.

Life's Manual - we have manuals for our toasters and our hair dryers - why not our life?

Life's Manual was conceived and designed when we learned that the most-often-posted topics on MyFace was the weather and Lady Gaga [as reported by an article in March 2011 on the Mashable site]. While we have nothing against small talk, we wanted a social media site for meaningful discussion. Hence, this is our attempt to do so.

In generation's past, humans passed life's lessons to each other via a discussion at the hearth or at the dining room table. Today, we don't have those same opportunities. So after you have earned 25 Karma points, you'll be able to use our "100 Answers" questionnaire so that you can ensure your friends and family know your legacy. Have a funny story about your wedding day? This is the spot for it. [In the near future, we'll include the ability for you to add pictures and videos to document your life/legacy.]

That is the premise for the website - share your life's lessons and enter into a discussion as to why you chose those lessons. Click on the Browse tab to see what other's Life's lessons are. And feel free to interact - ask questions or clarifications. Everyone has a story they'd like to share.

The purpose of the site is to enable thoughtful and respectful discussions about life.

SPAM and Disrespectful Behavior will not be tolerated.

Karma Points are to be granted to reward appropriate behavior. You can earn them by adding appropriately to a discussion or having your family/friends become members of the site.
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