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Details Of Member - c_ster
Karma Points: 19
Life Statement - The pursuit of learning and laughter are my highest priorities.
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5 Keys
  • Say "yes" more often than "no."
  • Seek adventure [this leads to great learning]
  • Laugh often, especially at yourself.
  • Treat people better than how you'd want to be treated.
  • Apppreciate what you have. It is an amazing life we have been given
Life Story

Luckiest person I have ever met.

Born while Mom was still in college, I attend UNH on her knee. I love to learn.

Taught to ski about the same time I learned to walk - made me fearless.

Wrote my first business plan at age 12.

Married a bold and beautiful woman in California and she has brought much laughter to my life.

  • Hardest question first: How do you define yourself? Luckiest person I have ever met. Love to learn and laugh. Futurist. Adventurer. Curious.
  • When were you born? 2/15/65
  • Where were you born? Dover NH - while Mom was at University of New Hampshire
  • Fathers name? Joesph Robert Guy Gilles Vachon
  • Mothers name? Judy Gill Coccia
  • When was your father born? 5/30/44 near Montreal
  • When was your mother born? Where? 3/07/44 near Manchester NH
  • Any interesting stories about your birth? [Like was your father or any of your grandparents present?] Nine months from the day of my Mom's senior prom? What? In the back seat of a 51 Mercury coupe? Cool!
  • How many brothers do you have? Names? Just one - Gil Brent
  • How many sisters do you have? Names? Just one - Heidi
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