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The Five Key Life Lessons
Imagine: - You awake to find the Creator sitting in your bed with you watching the Sun rise. "I always thought I did that exceedingly well," says the creator pointing at the new morning's special golden glow.

You wipe your eyes and smile, to be sitting with the Creator. "Well, good morning," you respond. "I really am appreciative that you are giving me this opportunity to chat with you." There is a little frog in your voice until after the first sip of java.

"Well, you know I am here every morning that you'd like to chat," she says with a note of hope in her voice. "But I've got more important business for you today." You're unsure of yourself, it being the Creator and all, but you respond bravely, "How can I help?"

"Personally, I am surprised no one has done it before, but, I have been observing, and you've handled yourself pretty well through many challenges and opportunities. So my request is simple. Let's build Life's Manual. I am going to ask you (and a few other smart folks) to write FIVE key aspects to successful living. What are the lessons you'd have wished someone had imparted to you when you were looking for Life's Manual?

"What do you want your children, grandchildren, and grandchildren's grandchildren to know?

"Make a simple list - and then use the space provided to tell us why you chose this list. OK?"

"That's it?" you ask. "This is going to be a heck of a lot more fun than some of the things I thought you might ask for..." you think - as you contemplate building Arks, riding fiery Stallions, or hand-to-hand combat with Beelzebub.

Become a member, update your profile, and add your FIVE KEYS to Life. Then check your site often to answer questions and provide clarifications when your [new and old] friends ask you questions.

You can also browse and interact other smart people's FIVE KEYS. This is your site. Have fun and be well.
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